Triumphant 5 Results and Recap


Triumphant 5 was another great show for fighters and fans throughout the states. Held at the Young California building in Pleasanton, Triumphant brought 8 professional fights and six amateur bouts to the fans. It was a night of knock outs, decisions, and upsets that was livestreamed on youtube for Muay Thai enthusiasts around the world.

Promoter and CEO of Triumphant Combat Sports Geoff Quares was  enthusiastic  about the show. “It was great having East Coast people come out. We tied the Muay Thai community closer together. We are bringing IFMA and the USMF into regular sight,” he said.

Amateur Fights

In an USMF Amateur Prestige Fight Malcolm Hill out of the Institute in New Jersey fought Jordan Weiland from Dan’s gym in Arizona. The bout determined who would gain a coveted spot on the USMF team.

The USMF, United States Muay Thai Federation, is pushing Muay Thai into the Olympics and bouts like Weiland and Hill are upping the quality of the fighters. It will be necessary to be high level to be on the world stage.

The bout seemed even in the opening round but the first kick from Weiland would be definitive. Hill’s arm broke. Hill landed some good counters but Weiland was the aggressive of the two.

Weiland vs Hill

The second round had Hill effectively using his footwork and the ring to counter Weiland. The Mesa Arizona fighter scored with some strong shots though. The third saw Weiland load up his shots and land them. His corner, Daniel Brandt, called out the targets, “two left hooks and a switch kick,” and Weiland did just that. His explosive power and ability to listen to his corner led him to a clear victory.

Bryan Popejoy, one of the head coach’s for the USMF team, talked about Hill’s performance saying, “he wasn’t as active. He was still making a good enough show though. Now it’s a lot more understandably. He was fighting with a broken arm.”

Fight of the night was given to the amateur fight between Bobinchuk and Hurney.  “They were banging back and forth every second of every round,” according to color commentator David Huey.

Hurney vs Bobinchuck

Both boxers began the fight attempting to find their range via leg kicks. A clear size and power advantage had Hurney begin to trample over Bobinchuck early on. The second had more action from Bobinchuk as he found his range and landed some successful body kicks. By the fourth Hurney had run out of gas. Bobinchuck was able to come back into it. The fifth had Bobinchuck go for broke. He outworked the very fatigued Hurney.

“In the fourth round I started to gas,” Hurney said. “I knew I won the first three. Gaston, my corner, slapped me in the face and told me to get it together. It was a great fight. I was tested. I had to dig deep.”

Hurney was able to find the strength inside to win a unanimous decision.

Pro Fights

The pro card saw knock outs and decisions as well. Fan favorite Janet Todd took on Canadian Regan Gowing. Todd has notoriously had difficulties finding match ups within the country. Despite a lingering injury Todd still fought because quite simply fighters fight.

Todd vs Gowlings

“Like so many three round fights it was just getting started,” Popejoy said. “It was a good challenge, not just that Janet was injured, Regan was a national team member on the Canadian IFMA team.”

The bout had the Canadian fighter pushing forward throwing combinations. Todd was very slick and effectively controlled the action utilizing her technique.

In part of the 4 man tournament of the evening Los Angeles Muay Thai’s Lance Dixon made short work of his opponent Alexsander Naumoski from AKA in the south bay. Naumoski was coming off a long lay off from fighting. The ring rust was evident as Dixon pounced on him ending the bout early in the second round by TKO.

The comain event of the evening saw Smash Gym’s Sonny Singh take on Brian Bruns. The southpaw versus orthodox battle saw Singh picking apart Bruns. Singh landed a left elbow in the clinch and followed up with a body kick that sent Bruns down for the count. Bruns tried to recover but wasn’t focused enough and the referee waved off the bout.

Singh vs Bruns


“I threw the elbow and didn’t expect it to do so much damage,” Singh said. “I pulled down the arm and came over top. That was my third finish with an elbow.”

The main event of the evening saw Zoila Frausto battling Elizabeth Philips. Frausto was coming off a long lay off in her career after a second ACL injury. 

I was a little nerve wracked, coming back from a major injury,” Frausto said. “I really wanted to trust in my body. It was more nerves than usual.”

The nerves didn’t show as Frausto dominated in the three rounds of full rules Muay Thai. Philips threw big hands but Frausto landed strong leg kicks. She was able to buckle the legs of Philips with her kicks. By the third round Philips looked exhausted and out of options.

Frausto vs Philips

Frausto came back to the fight world stong and was happy with her performance. “It felt like I’d never left. I felt like I did more and did better. I threw more kicks and put things together.”

The success of the card and of the promotion had people buzzing.

“Everyone is asking me how we’re going to outdo this card,” CEO of Triumphant Quares said. “We have big plans for early next year and hoping to do Las Vegas.”

Stayed tuned for upcoming announcements!

Full Results


Lucas Martino defeated Jacob Haas via split decision

Justin West defeated Nick Feeney by KO in round 3

Selina Flores defeated Joyce Hernandez by unanimous decision

Anthony McNutt defeated Alan Smith by unanimous decision

John Hurney defeated Stephen Bobinchuck by unanimous decision

Jordan Weiland defeated Malcolm Hill by unanimous decision

Pro Card

Janet Todd defeated Regan Gowing by unanimous decision

Gabriel David defeated Jamie Pheap by KO in round 2

Lance Dixon defeated Alexander Naumoski by TKO in round 2

Samuel Mongonia defeated Jonathan Tan

Sean Climaco defeated Geane Herrera by unanimous decision

Brendon Rafftery defeated Ethan Conte-Quiachonby unanimous decision

Sonny Singh defeated Brian Bruns by KO in round 1

Zoila Frausto defeated Elizabeth Philips

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