WBC Muay Thai Partners With Triumphant Combat Sports To Expand In The USA

Triumphant Combat Sports CEO Geoff Quares met with WBC Muay Thai USA Director of Operations Patrick Rivera. The two confirmed a hot partnership in warm California fanning the flames of Muay Thai.
The strategic alliance’s goal is to create a ranking and ascension program for athletes. This program was missing in the United States.

“The WBC is partnering with key promotors that we trust. Our goal is to create a ranking system without bias.”

– Patrick Rivera (WBC)

Quares’ promotion hosts top USA fighters such as Jordan Weiland, Malcolm Hill, Eddie Abasolo, and more. Its lineup also includes international stars like Liam Nolan, who is now the WBC World Middleweight Champion. The Triumphant team puts out shows regularly since its beginning in 2017.

“We began with the Bay Area Challenge,” Quares said. “We were profitable and it was easy to do but we outgrew it. People from around the country wanted to be on our show.” Quares took the show to Vegas, Reno, and then Mexico. Working with Rivera was inevitable.“It’s been a matter of timing and opportunity to partner with Patrick and the WBC,” Quares said. “I’m driven to passionate people. I want what’s good for the sport and what’s good for the fighters. Patrick pushes for what he thinks is right.”

Muay Thai is on a blazing streak in the United States. Warrior Cup in Queens, York hosted a firestorm of a bout. Brett Hlavacek (USA) and Paul Martin (Canada) battled for the North American Cruiserweight Title.

WBC Muay USA will continue working with Christian Tran of Warrior’s Cup along with Geoff Quares to create the best match ups possible. The match ups create credibility, which is needed for promoters and fighters.

“I want the legitimacy of a sanctioning body that everybody respects”

– Geoff Quares (Triumphant Combat Sports)

The WBC Muay Thai committee updates its rankings monthly. Both female and male athletes are in the rankings. Champions must defend their belts within six months or their status as champions will be vacated. This creates a clear ascension model for aspiring boxers.

“We want to give opportunities to elite Muay Thai athletes,” Rivera said. “The WBC Muay Thai USA wants nak muay to test themselves.” The test is on and the fires for Muay Thai are stoked! We’re excited for the continuing expansion of the sport and all the athletes, coaches, gyms, and fans around the world.

WBC USA and Triumphant will be coordinating for its first show in San Diego. The fight card will top off the events at the Muay Thai Youth Summit on May 28th.”

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