Triumphant Combat Sports | Yumiko Kawano talks upcoming Triumphant 3 fight against Janet Todd
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Yumiko Kawano talks upcoming Triumphant 3 fight against Janet Todd

Photo by Mark Neustaedter

Yumiko Kawano will be making her pro debut at Triumphant 3 against Janet Todd.

The event which will take place on February 25, 2017 in Oakland, California will not only be Yumiko’s pro debut, but also Janet’s. Both ladies are very familiar with each other, they fought in March of 2017. Yumiko took home a close decision victory.

We were able to catch up with Yumiko to talk about the upcoming fight and her career in Muay Thai.

Triumphant: How has training been going for the fight?

Yumiko: Training has been good!

Triumphant: I know this will be the first time facing each other as professionals. You got the win when you faced each other as amateurs right?

Yumiko: Yes, I shared the ring with her in Toronto and got the win last year on March 11, 2017.

Triumphant: Having faced her before, how familiar are you with her style? Do you think she will change it?

Yumiko: She is a sharp and very technical fighter. It doesn’t matter if she would change her style or not. I will find a way and adapt the situation.

Triumphant: What would you say is your biggest advantage entering the fight?

Yumiko: I can confidently say I feel good leading up to this fight and see my own growth as a fighter.

Triumphant: What gym do you represent?

Yumiko: Krudar Muay Thai

Triumphant: When did you start training and why?

Yumiko: I started training in 2013 and had my first fight on record in 2014. I’ve heard about Krudar before because my friends kept asking me to try with them. I was like “nah, that’s not my thing.”

I also could not afford it for the gym membership. But months later, I got 1-month free membership from raffle ticket at a graduation party of tutoring group for high school students that I was part of. When I saw it, I told myself “if I win the ticket, I will go to the gym”. What a chance……I got it. That’s how I started training Muay Thai.

I did not plan to fight at all when I first came into Krudar. When we had a demo fight, watching women in the ring made me want to fight.

Triumphant: For fight fans that have not seen you before, can you describe your style?

Yumiko: People call my style aggressive though I don’t feel that way. But I always bring excitement to the audience!

Triumphant: What are your goals in Muay Thai? Olympics?

Yumiko: My goal is to fight top of the top female fighters in my division internationally.

Triumphant: Do you have any plans to do MMA?

Yumiko: I don’t do MMA. 0 chance.

Triumphant: You are going to be in “hostile territory” (technically farther from home) in this fight. How much of a disadvantage do you think it is to have the crowd against you?

Yumiko: I don’t consider it as a disadvantage. Fighting is storytelling for me. I share my stories in the ring. Claiming my space and my voice. It is about process, growth, happiness, hope as well as struggle. I have reasons to fight. So I will tell my stories there no matter what.

Triumphant: Is there anything about your opponent you know you need to keep an eye out for?Prediction for the fight?

Yumiko: She is a very experienced technical fighter. We brought a good show in Toronto last time. Japanese always bring a good show. We will do bring it again in California.

Triumphant: Any words for your supporters?

Yumiko: In my family, friends, and communities there are many people who face oppression, challenges and struggles but keep fighting their battles every day whether in or outside of the ring. They give me unconditional love, energy, and support day in day out in many different ways. I will give good energy back to them through this fight!