Triumphant Combat Sports | Top picks for Triumphant 4!
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Top picks for Triumphant 4!

Triumphant Combat Sports returns this week with another great line up. Triumphant got the chance to reach out to several stars in the sport including Michael Chase Corley, USMF President, and Jongsanaan The Woodenman Fairtex, for their thoughts on the stacked card at the Oakland Marriott on Sunday May 27th.

The bout between Narupol Fairtex and Eddie Farrell should be a contested one. Set at 165 pounds it pits Thailand versus Australia. Farrell has been very active of late out of his home gym Tiger Muay Thai while Narupol will be resting on his experience of over 200 fights.

“I think it’s a good fight,” Corley said. “It largely depends on what Narupol shows up. He’ll be the better fighter but it depends on what sort of shape he is in.”

Corley got a chance to see Narupol at the height of his career in Thailand. Corley was the manager of Fairtex Bangplee at the time and was able to see Narupol, along with others including Yodsanklai and Kaew Fairtex regularly come to Bangplee to smash the pads.

“He’s very technical but not super aggressive,” Corley said. “Farrell is tough. He’s gonna bring it the entire fight.”

Jongsannan was more hesitant about the match up. “I think Farrell is too big for Narupol. Narupol’s Muay Thai is better and he did good in his last fight. I think it’s just a bit big.”

On the card as well is Ethan Conte versus Brandol Mendoza. Conte fights out of El Nino gym in San Francisco. “It will be a good challenge for Ethan,” Jongsanaan said. “Brandol is not easy. Brandol has a good camp in LA but Ethan has trained really hard.”

Also making their pro debuts is Andrew Capurro from Pacific Ring Sports in Oakland and Zachary Ungureit. Capurro is coming off an easy win over Mike Shaw at the last Triumphant card. Ungureit, from Mango Tree Fitness in Honululu has been facing fierce international competition. He recently faced Silathong Numponthep at the International and Thai Martial Arts Games and Festival in Bangkok. While Ungureit dropped the decision he faced an opponent with far more experience than Capurro. It will be a battle of wills as both of these two fighters are looking to make a name for themselves.

Rounding out the card is top local talent like Sean Climaco, Charles Rodriguez, Lance Dixon, Alex Higley and others.

The event will be Sunday May 27th at the Oakland Marriott.

Get your tickets here.