Triumphant Combat Sports | Nick “The Golden Boy” Chasteen looking to Shine against Asa Tenpow at Triumphant 3
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Nick “The Golden Boy” Chasteen looking to Shine against Asa Tenpow at Triumphant 3


Nick “The Goldenboy” Chasteen will be making his Triumphant Combat Sports debut when he faces Florida Kickboxing Academy’s Asa Tenpow. Chasteen with a pro record of 7-4 is the more experience pro over Tenpow’s record of 4-1. The comain event will be held at 145 pounds at the Oakland Marriot center on February 25th.

Adding to the amount of ring experience is the family legacy of combat sports. Chasteen comes from a family of four children all of whom routinely competed. His younger brother Damien Early is a regular on the Muay Thai scene.

Born and bred in the fight world Chasteen first entered the Muay Thai ring ten years ago. Coached by Bob Karmel out of the Best Muay Thai in Tempe Arizona, The Golden Boy, has a considerable size advantage over Tenpow. Standing at 6’1,” Chasteen will drop between 25-35 pounds for his fights. The past weight cuts have been a toil on Chasteen and he now walks around much leaner.

“I’ve kept myself healthier and switched some things up. I was lifting way too many weights and trying to compete,” he told Triumphant. “I was stacking on muscle. I’ve switched things up strength and conditioning wise.”

The fight game is tough and boxers must tread a careful balance between their everyday weight and their fight weight. Cutting weight is a necessity for boxers. It’s the way the game is played. Cut too much though and you don’t have enough power when you fight. On the other hand if you fight too heavy your opponents will be too big and too strong.

“I really had to think about what is going to benefit me the most. I like lifting weights but at the end of the day when I have to cut all that weight it’s not beneficial and it’s bad on my joints. That’s why I’ve I’m up to going down to the 140lbs again. I’m walking around pretty light,” Chasten said.

The size advantage was something that Chasteen also weighed in about.

“I know Tenpow’s never fought anyone my size. At the same time, I think I have the speed edge on him anyways. I have size, stamina and length. It all depends on how I use it and how he uses his advantages,” he said.

Chasteen has been cutting weight very frequently of late. To stay busy, he has switched up his sports. He recently has entered the world of MMA. Going ino the cage is common for Muay Thai fighters as the bouts can be infrequent and the purses low in their favored sport.

“I wasn’t getting handed fights as much as I wanted to. I had to take the fight game into my own hands. Two fights a year wasn’t keeping me happy and isn’t keeping me sharp at all. It’s hard to stay sharp and on your feet when you are only getting one or two fights a year,” Chasteen said.

The Arizona Nak Muay also recently came back from Thailand where he fought at Max Muay Thai. The journey to the homeland of Muay Thai is a necessary one. There are plenty of fights to stay busy and fighters train with other full time fighters.

“If you haven’t done it and you’re involved in the sport you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. Especially seeing how the Thais train their endurance and their clinching. Just being in that surrounding you’ll pick up a bunch of out it,” Chasteen said.

Chasteen is keeping up a Thai style of training in Arizona in preparation for his bout with hour long morning runs, and two sessions a day of pad work, bag work, strength and conditioning along with sparring and clinching. His training has him feeling confident for his bout and he believes he has the skills necessary to take the win.

“Nothing blows me out the water with Tenpow. He’s got a good technical style. He’s light,” Chasteen said. “He’s gonna try to throw some crazy flying knee, something crazy. I’m way too experienced of a fighter and I’ve been fighting way too many tough guys to be caught with something that dumb and that obvious. He’s going to have be a little smarter about it.”

With three knock out wins in his past three fights Chasteen is on a roll. He feels he is just coming into it now though.

“I’m 29. I feel like I’m just getting going. Early in my years I made mistakes here and there when I was young. I wasn’t taking care of my body, he said. “I’m just coming to terms with my capabilities and I still have years in me.”

His abilities will be put to the test with Triumphant Combat Sports which he was quick to identify as one of the leading lights of Muay Thai in America.

“Triumphant honestly seems like they have Muay Thai in their best interests. They are really here to help grow that sport,” he said.

The sport will grow in leaps and bounds with the quality match ups the promotion is putting on. The three-round banger will be live at the Oakland Mariott on February 25th. Tickets are available for sale now. The bouts will also be streaming on the UFC Fight Pass.