Triumphant Combat Sports | Narupol “Mr GQ” Fairtex ready to take on Eddie Farrell at
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Narupol “Mr GQ” Fairtex ready to take on Eddie Farrell at

Narupol “Mr. GQ” Fairtex is entering the Triumphant Combat Sports ring for his clash with Australia’s Eddie Farrell on May 27that the Oakland Marriott City Center.

The legendary Fairtex fighter has an established fight record of well over 200 fights. He was strapped with the Lumpinee Stadium belt after beating Chokdee Por Pramuk in 1999. The three time Thailand Champion comes from Samut Prakan, a province just south east of Bangkok.

It was in his hometown that Narupol had his first fight. Like many Thai boys he fought at a local temple. At the tender age of 7 years old he entered the ring and gained 300 baht for his performance. The initial fight would see him join the local gym of Saksoming shortly after.

“My house was close to the gym and my friends went to the gym,” Narupol told Triumphant.

The only boxer in the family of three regularly attended Saksoming gym gaining a vast amount of experience until moving to Fairtex Gym at the age of 21 years old. It was there that he would join the likes of Yodsanklai Fairtex. His career at Fairtex had him pitted against top Thai talent and would see him appear on The Contender, a Muay Thai Reality TV Show, that would bolster his fame internationally.

Three years ago Narupol moved to the states where he is one of the lead instructors at KOA Fitness. Working alongside Anh Fairtex, he is slowly building a competitive fight team while maintaining his own fitness.

“Most of the students come in for fitness and exercise,” he said. “But some of them are low level and are doing smokers and amateurs.”

Guiding his students along the fight path isn’t easy as Narupol must continue to regularly work while competiting himself.

“There is a little pressure fighting here,” he said. “It is easier to train in Thailand. Here in the states I have to work so I train 70-80 percent.”

That percent might be enough to beat Farrell though especially given his experience. It is common for fighters like Narupol to face larger opponents especially at an international level. Typically fighting at 67kg this bout is a big step up for Narupol in terms of size.

Yodsanklai, Kaew, Narupol at Fairtex

“He has a big body,” Narupol said. “This is the first time that I am moving up in weight.”

The weight advantage goes to Farrell but the skill sides with Narupol. The Thai boxer has ten times the amount of bouts as the Australian. Additionally, Narupol has a tremendous amount of background fighting overseas. He has taken on Yohan Lidon, Georgio Petroysan, Cosmo Alexandre, Soren Mongkongtong and other international stars. This will make it easy for him to transition to the Triumphant Ring.

Unlike Farrell, Narupol, has not had a bout in some time. His last bout was early last year when he took a decision win over Amadeu Cristiano.

He has been shaking off the ring rust by with his training regime. He often attends Pacific Ring Sports in Oakland where he is trained by the “Big Branch,” Ganyao Fairtex. The acclaimed trainer holds pads for Narupol.

“He is large enough to hold pads for me,” Narupol said.

The force of the Thais kicks and his height, Narupol stands at six feet, demands that he have a trainer of equal height. Ganyao has experience working with large athletes and has guided Bukerd Fairtex, Alex Gong, Geroge Tsutsui and others through successful careers.

Geoff Quares, Narupol and Brandon Umipig at Media Day

Narupol’s training is focused with a regular routine of an hour long run in the morning and extensive pad work.

“I hit pads for six to seven rounds every morning,” he said. “I spar and clinch every day. I also do fitness exercises.”

He is also aided at his home gym of KOA by Anh Fairtex, another seasoned Thai fighter.

With typical modesty the Thai fighter believes that he is nearly ready for his fight. “I am 50% percent to 70% percent ready now. I am not tired when I train.”

Prior to moving to the states Narupol was a Muay Khao, or knee fighter. His tall rangy build allowed him to walk forward and grapple his opponents, spearing in the knees. As he has aged he has refined his weapons and is more of a technical fighter.

“Now I use everything,” Narupol said.

Narupol’s experience will be put to the test against the hungry Eddie Farrell. Their bout can be seen live at the Oakland Merriott on May 27th. Get your tickets here.