Triumphant Combat Sports | Joseph Gogo talks upcoming Triumphant 3 fight
Southern California's Joseph Gogo talks about his upcoming fight against Eric Luna at Triumphant 3.
Joseph Gogo, Triumphant 3
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Joseph Gogo talks Upcoming Triumphant 3 Fight

Photo by Marty Rockatansky

Joseph Gogo will be making his Triumphant debut on February 25, 2017 at Triumphant 3.

Gogo will be fighting Eric Luna in what is expected to be a candidate for fight of the night. Gogo is an explosive fighter from Southern California that doesn’t know the meaning of the word boring. An exciting showman from the opening bell until the end, fans can rest assured there will never be a dull moment when he is in the ring.

His style and mindset are what every fight fan enjoys and when you mix that up with an opponnet such as Eric Luna, the only thing you can expect is fire works.

We caught up with Joseph to talk about the upcoming fight and his fighting style among other things.

Triumphant: You have a big fight coming up with Eric Luna. How familiar are you with him?

Joseph Gogo: I’m not that familiar of Eric. I just know that he comes from a very good gym AKA. So he’s gonna be tough and have great conditioning.

Triumphant: You are a very explosive fighter that loves to push the pace. How important is it for you to control the pace during the fight?

Joseph Gogo: That’s always been one of the main components of my game plan. Push the pace and force my opponent to make mistakes that I can capitalize on, if they don’t make mistakes then run them over with my conditioning. I’m a fighter more than a technician, meaning I like a good old fashion brawl. Yes, I approach it with technique, but I like to fight as if I had to sit there and watch it.

Triumphant: Where would you say your style comes from? You being in a boring fight seems impossible.

Joseph Gogo: I hate boring fights. I’m a fan of fighting and I can’t stand boring fights so I try to make sure I’m never in one. Sometimes I think to myself while watching a snooze fest…what the hell were you doing for 6-8 weeks? Haha. I think my style comes from being a smaller guy. Sometimes I’d have to protect myself and once I learned being the aggressor would stop people from bullying me, I never looked back. Plus I’ve played sports my whole life and grew up used to hard camps before the start of a season.

Triumphant: Why did you pick Muay Thai as the martial art to pursue?

Joseph Gogo: I actually started off doing mma in Hawaii. Then I moved out here a little over 3 years ago. I was helping fighters in major organizations train for fights at Alliance MMA. I didn’t have any contracts and was taking fights when they were available. I got into fighting Muay Thai because at the time, Alliance (home gym), got called asking if they had any pro Muay Thai fighters to replace a dropout for a title fight in the WCK. All the coaches pointed to me and of course I said yes. I had never fought Muay Thai until moving to San Diego. However, although I didn’t have Muay Thai fights. It was my preferred art to train when training for all my MMA fights.

Triumphant: Do you have plans on heading back to MMA and trying to reach the top promotions like UFC or Bellator?

Joseph Gogo: That’s part of the plan. To keep growing in the Muay Thai world and eventually make my way back to MMA. Right now Muay Thai is just not at the same caliber as the UFC. If I’m gonna make a real living doing combat sports it’ll have to be in MMA.

Triumphant: Who are some of your influences in combat sports?

Photo by Marty Rockatansky

Joseph Gogo: Iron Mike Tyson, huge fan of his aggressive style! Manny Pacquiao, Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor, and Anderson Silva.

Triumphant: You’re going to be fighting in Eric’s backyard. How much of advantage does someone have being the hometown fighter and does that change your approach to a fight?

Joseph Gogo: It doesn’t effect me. I think they have a hometown advantage sometimes as far as judges, but I don’t plan on leaving this fight to the judges. I’ve been fighting in everybody’s hometown from Hawaii to Mexico to California to China. He might be in his comfort zone, but I’m gonna take that away.

Triumphant: Aside from competing in combat sports what are some of your other hobbies?

Joseph Gogo: Playing sports, working out, hiking, beaching, bbqing, and catching fights/games at a good bar with friends.

Triumphant: Thanks for your time. Any words for your supporters Joseph?

Joseph Gogo: Just wanna say thanks to all my family and friends for their continued support. Tune in because I’m looking to finish this fight.