Triumphant Combat Sports | Janet Todd Talks Upcoming Triumphant 3 Fight
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Janet Todd Talks Upcoming Triumphant 3 Fight

Janet Todd will be making her highly anticipated debut at Triumphant 3.

The Boxing Works stand out has had a very successful amateur career and now looks to transition to the pro ranks. Her debut, however, is against a familiar opponent. She will be looking to avenge a loss to Yumiko Kawano who will also be making her pro debut.

Janet is trained by Bryan Popejoy and is known for her technical skill. She has represented the USA at the IFMA’s taking home the Bronze medal in 2017. She is considered by many to be the next big female fighter in Muay Thai coming out of the USA.

Check out what she had to say about her upcoming pro debut.

Triumphant: You have a fight against Yumiko Kawano on Feb 25th at Triumphant 3. How has training been going for the fight?

Janet: Training has been going great. Always the usual – training hard, and has its good days mixed in with its off days. But everything always comes together at the right time.

Triumphant: I know this will be the first time facing each other as professionals. I believe you traveled up to Canada and lost a split decision right? Some say it could have gone either way.

Janet: Yes, this will be a rematch as professionals. I’m not going to argue a decision. She won that night, but I’m looking to take it back.

Triumphant: Having faced her before, how familiar are you with her style? Do you think she will change it?

Janet: I’ve seen her fight a couple times now. People always evolve so I’m not going to expect exactly the same things. But people have their tendencies.

Triumphant: What would you say is your biggest advantage entering the fight?

Janet: My biggest advantage has always been having the best team and family supporting me. I have the best coach and teammates that know my strength and weakness and helps me improve on my weakness and take advantage of my strength. I have a husband that understands my lifestyle and goals and supports them 100%.

Triumphant: What gym do you represent?

Janet: I represent Boxing Works, coached by Bryan Popejoy.

Triumphant: When did you start training and why?

Janet: I started training in college at Budo Ryu in San Luis Obispo because I needed some sort of physical activity that didn’t involve running on a treadmill. Little did I know at the time, that if I wanted to be serious about fighting that I will have to run A LOT.

Triumphant: For fight fans that have not seen you before, can you describe your style?

Janet: Hmmm…my style. I like to borrow a lot from fighters I look up to Jongsanan, Karuhat, Boonlai, Chandet (which my coach introduced to me). So my style is a mixture of them – I’m balanced, defensively sound, and like to counter and be aggressive when I need to.

Triumphant: What are your goals in Muay Thai? Olympics?

Photo by LordK1

Janet: My goals in Muay Thai is to always add more toolsets to my skills, and continually improve, and make my fighting looks as beautiful as the fighters I look up to. I may be too old to continue fighting in the Olympics since it might take until 2024, but I like to help pave the way for girls that have that goal and inspire others to train Muay Thai

Triumphant: Do you have any plans to do MMA?

Janet: No I have no plans for MMA. With a full- time job, my time is limited, and I’d like to spend it doing what I love.

Triumphant: You are going to be the hometown favorite (technically closer) in this fight. How much of an advantage do you think it is to have the crowd on your side?

Janet: I haven’t had that in a while. I’ve been traveling so much for fights, it’s nice to have people from home be there to support me. The energy of the crowd gives you a boost during the fight. I hope that the fight will be judged fairly, whether the crowd will be on my side or not.

Triumphant: Is there anything about your opponent you know you need to keep an eye out for?

Janet: My opponent has an aggressive style, so I’ll be looking for that charge.

Triumphant: Prediction for the fight?

Janet: I will take back the win.

Triumphant: Any words for your supporters?

Janet: I appreciate all the words of encouragement from my supporters, it means a lot to me. Please come up and say hello at the fights. I love meeting other fans of the sport that love it as much as I do.