Triumphant Combat Sports | Eddie Farrell talks taking on Narupol “Mr. GQ” Fairtex at Triumphant 4
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Eddie Farrell talks taking on Narupol “Mr. GQ” Fairtex at Triumphant 4

Triumphant 4 is starting off with hard hitters as Eddie Farrell from Tiger Muay Thai takes on Narupol “Mr. GQ” Fairtex from KOA. The headlining bout will be at Oakland’s Marriott hotel on Sunday May 27th.

Farrell with thirty pro fights, 22 wins, 6 losses and draws, will be faced with a much more experienced foe in Narupol. The legendary Fairtex fighter has well over 100 fights but that isn’t stopping Farrell.

The Australian is 100% committed to Muay Thai. Farrell had a thriving personal fitness business in the Gold Coast and was able to step into the ring in his home country a handful of times. Opportunity struck when a stranger walked in his door and offered to buy his business. It was a golden moment for Farrell who seized it and sold everything to live his dream.

“It gave us a little money to start things off,” Farrell told Triumphant.

He and his wife, a professional fighter as well, moved to Koh Samui and began training at WMC Lammai Muay Thai. Farrell began to regularly fight.

“Being in Thailand it’s the only thing we do,” Farrell said.

The Farrell’s new occupation had them stay on the island for a year and a half but the constant commuting, two to three hours and a ferry ride to the larger islands for bouts, had them try their luck in Northern Thailand. It wasn’t until recently, four months ago, that they relocated to Phuket to Tiger Muay Thai.

“Tiger has strength and conditioning. There are good fitness coaches. They always have high level guys, guys that are better than me, and guys my size to work with.”

The perks of staying at one of Thailand’s most popular gyms is also found in its ability to support Farrell.  The gym sponsors the couple and is able to help with food and other necessities for the rigors of fight life.

The support is necessary especially given some of the opportunities that Farrell faces. He recently was involved in several Lethwei matches. The Burmese boxing is a very raw sport. After 5 rounds if no boxer has been knocked out it is considered a draw.

“It’s different from Kaad Cheuk, Muay Thai fighting with hemp ropes,” Farrell said. “It’s just handwraps. When you get punched in the head like that it feels different. Also there are head butts. It’s like a street fight.”

The raw sport has helped him in his fight career and he recently returned to the ring at Bangla stadium where he picked up the WMC title at 81kgs.

“I hadn’t fought there in over a year,” Farrell said. “The guy I ended up fighting, we’d fought before. I just wanted to beat him.”

Farrell’s desire to win saw him take home the belt along with a fourth round knockout.

Farrell is training hard for the match up that could do big things for his career. “Now I do a lot more high intensity work. It keeps me more keen. I run twice a week. I spar when I feel good,” he said.

There is a wealth of options for Farrell as he is surrounded by fitness enthusiasts in Thailand’s south. There is yoga, strength and conditioning, body weight exercises, and of course Muay Thai. “Tiger is good because there’s so much to do,” he said.

He is now looking to international competition as Tiger has been encouraging him to fight abroad. In the last year he’s fought in China, Khazikstan, Australia and Mynmar. He will face his biggest test yet in America though.

Narupol is internationally acclaimed after his appearance on The Contender series. The Muay Thai reality TV show had some of the top international talent including Narupol’s stable mate Yodsanklai Fairtex.

“I watched the Contender years ago. Back then he was more of a more muay khao, knee fighter,” Farrell said. “Now he’s more of a technical fighter. Who knows how he will fight. I’ll be ready for a smart fighter.”

Farrell has been keeping his finger on the pulse of Muay Thai around the world.  “I have been following Triumphant. It’s interesting to see the styles change through each country,” he said. “Geoff Quares, the CEO of Triumphant contacted me and I am keen to finally come to the USA and fight.”

Triumphant Combat Sports will be showcasing Eddie Farrell versus Narupol Fairtex for the main event at Triumphant 4 on May 27th at the Oakland Marriott. Tickets are available here.