Triumphant Combat Sports | Commentators’ Corner, The Main Event: Genah Fabian vs Charmaine Tweet
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Commentators’ Corner, The Main Event: Genah Fabian vs Charmaine Tweet

The world of Muay Thai is coming to life on Sunday, February 25th at the Oakland Marriott for Triumphant 3 (tickets here). Streaming on the UFC Fight pass the bouts will be commentated by the regular man behind the mic Brandon Kyle along with the colorful David Huey.

A regular at Combat Fitness with George Tsutsui Kyle has been in the game for the last five years. He’s entered the octagon and the Muay Thai ring over his five year fight career that spanned from 2007 to 2012. Now at 33 years old King’s focus is on bringing knowledge to the fans.

Brandon Kyle and Kevin Ross at Triumphant

“I met Geoff Quares (CEO of Triumphant) while he was doing Bay Area Challenge. I contacted him and I could see Triumphant coming. I just wanted to be a part of it,” Kyle said. “I do the play by plays and I knew I could ask the questions that the everyday person might ask.”

Kyle has sat beside Kevin Ross, one of the USA’s most decorated and accomplished Muay Thai fighters. For Triumphant 3 he’ll be next to the experienced David Huey, owner of Muay Thai America Gym in North Hollywood, California. Huey has served as an MC and commentator for the last ten years. There is no doubt that Huey enjoys the job.

“I like front row seats. I like seeing the journey of fighters,” he said.  “Watching fights, you really get to put yourself into the fight and the coaches. You have to speak what the coaches and fighters are thinking.”

Everyone has their mind on the main event. Originally scheduled for Triumphant 2, Genah Fabian versus Charmaine Tweet is a World Muay Thai Council World Title bout at 165 pounds.

Sickness caught hold of Tweet and she was unable to compete against Fabian for the previous bout. “She’d tried her best but by the time it came to the weight cut she couldn’t do it,” Kyle said. “She wasn’t well. Her coaches realized it wasn’t worth it. In the final hour everyone knew she was not going to be able to do it. There was a lot of disappointment there.”

Unable to fight, Fabian took a walkover win and was handed the belt but the Combat Sports Academy fighter wanted to get in the ring. She wanted to earn the coveted strap and is now even more eager to display her skills.

“Fabian will come out with a fire. At the press conference was bawling up Fabian was balling up her fists with tension,” Kyle said.

Tweet is an experienced professional and will take things in stride. She first began fighting under Duke Roofus in 2001 and has gone on to face some of MMA’s best female fighters including Ronda Roussey and Chris Cyborg.

“Tweet is extremely experienced,” Kyle said. “She’s known for being a MMA fighter. I consider more of a Fabian more of a Muay Thai fighter. She will be cleaner. Muay Thai is her first love.”

Fabian’s first love has taken her all over the world. The German Samoan from New Zealand is now fighting out of Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California. Like Tweet she has entered the cage but is ready for the ring.

There is no doubt that the main event is going to be a scorcher and Triumphant is doing what it can to put women’s Muay Thai on the map, for good reason too.

“When I see women fight they go every second. They’ll fight five minutes in a three-minute round. I expect this will be high output,” Huey said.

“The main event is the most hyped fight. The Bay Area is abuzz,” Kyle said.

Also on the card is local fighter Sonny Singh out of Smash gym in Milpitas. Coached by Rudi Ott, Singh will face the experienced Anthony Njokuani in a middleweight title bout for a classic youth versus experience bout.

“I’ve known Singh for a long time. I got to see him fight since his early career. Now he’s a  3-0 professional. He has an opportunity to fight against a guy with a lot more experience,” Kyle said.

Co commentator Huey has his eye on the Joseph Gogo and Eric Luna bout.

“It’s gonna be a banger,” Huey said. “Gogo comes in and there’s no quit to him. Eric is an aggressive fighter too. With two forward fighters its going to be a head on collision.”

There is no doubt that the show will fuel the fire of fans around the world. Triumphant 3 starts this weekend on Sunday February 25th at the Oakland Marriott, tickets are available now. Fans around the world can see it on the UFC Fight pass.