Triumphant Combat Sports | Asa Tenpow Talks War With Nick Chasteen At Triumphant 3
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Asa Tenpow Talks War With Nick Chasteen At Triumphant 3

Asa Tenpow is going into a 3 round full Muay Thai war on February 25th at the Oakland Mariott in Triumphant Combat Sport’s third blockbusting promotion. The soldier from Florida Kickboxing Academy in West Palm Beach will face Nick Chasteen from Best Muay Thai in Arizona at 145 pounds in the comain event.

Tenpow is a standout boxer in the American Muay Thai scene. Since he began his amateur career in 2004 he has amassed a wealth of titles. He’s snagged the ISKA, IKF and the Thai Boxing Association tournament belts and in 2013 he took the Florida State Golden Gloves, the prestigious boxing tournament. He walked away from his amateur career with a healthy record of 41 wins and 10 losses.

His journey to championship began while he was young. He began competing in Sanshou, a Chinese martial art that combines Kung Fu, kickboxing and wrestling. But at 16 years old he’d reached his limit in the sport.

“Sanshou is not that big. There is not much to do with it besides one tournament a year. I wanted to continue doing more. I didn’t want to do old school kickboxing. I saw Buakaw and so I went into Muay Thai,” he told Triumphant.

After training with Alan Bowonthamachakr from Rompo gym he stumbled upon Legend Muay Thai led by Dmitry Shirganov.

Photo by Friday Night Fights

“The gym was no bigger than 300 square feet. I got in there. Dimtry started overseeing my training. I just wanted to do it for fun. We started training a lot more. He took over. He developed a goal and a plan for me to take into action,” Tenpow said.

That plan took Tenpow to the international stage. Tenpow competed in the biggest Muay Thai tournament in the world, IFMA in 2015. He went to the contest on short notice. He jumped in the deep end. As one of the early IFMA fighters he was unaware of the caliber of what he signed up for with the A Class Bracket.

“Later I found out that boxers like Andre Kubelin and Superbon Banchamek were in the same bracket,” Tenpow said.

He drew an opponent from Khazikstan with well over 200 bouts. In the first round Tenpow was downed with a spinning back kick to the liver but he kept going.

“I pushed through that for the last two rounds but I came up short on it. Lost two rounds to one. It built me up a lot. I’d never seen anyone with that level of experience.  Being at that level of a tournament and being around those high level guys. I got to check where I was,” Tenpow said.


Tenpow will be able to guage where he is again when he faces Nick Chasteen. Tenpow will be seeking to improve his 4 to 1 pro record against Chasteen’s 7 to 4. Tenpow’s opponent has a sizable height and weight advantage. Chasteen drops down from a much higher weight, Tenpow was quick to acknowledge the difference though.

“He is bigger than me that’s the biggest concern. He carries around a lot more weight. His power will hurt a little more than I’m used to. I’m excited for that situation because I have to face a big obstacle. My skill set really shines when I face that sort of pressure,” Tenpow said with confidence.

His game plan is clear too – he will take out Chasteen’s base. “Main goal is creating tight angles to be able to land sweeps. I want to perform more on the dumping side. I believe that because he’s tall I can cut angles enough to sweep him.”

Tenpow’s recent experience in Thailand will no doubt help him. While training at Khongsittha in Bangkok he picked up two wins, one at Lumpinee World Championship and the other at Buakaw’s promotion, All Star Fight. The experience helped him refine his abilities.

“Being around the Thais is really beneficial. Getting the work with their movement and timing, and philosophy on how they fight was a big eye opener for me,” he told Triumphant.

While he prepares for his Triumphant debut, Tenpow is busy running his own sizable gym at 7000 square feet. The establishment is growing as more fighters are coming in to train with the Florida all-star.

“I feel confident with what we’re doing though. We’re getting the results we want,” he said. “Managing a business anyone will tell you it’s tough. I’m on my second year. We’re in that make or break point. I’m looking to push it over. We want to bringing Thailand to Florida. We want to bring Trainers over ever other few months. We want to set a scene for Muay Thai.”

Tenpow established himself as part of the Triumphant team after personally meeting Geoff Quares. The CEO of Triumphant reached out and a bout was made. “Getting on the UFC Fight Pass it was another good point for me,” Tenpow said. “I get to be showcased.”

Tenpow will bring all his weapons to battle on February 25th as Triumphant Combat Sports thrills the world. Tickets for the event at the Oakland Marriott are available online now. It will also be streamed live on UFC Fight Pass.