Triumphant Combat Sports | About Triumphant Combat Sports
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About Triumphant Combat Sports

Our President and CEO

Triumphant Combat Sports was founded by President & CEO Geoff Quares as a result of growth & success of his previous promotion, the northern California based Bay Area Challenge.

As a life-long practitioner and Martial Arts Enthusiast, Geoff is most fascinated & obsessed with the Martial Arts Culture. He feels with the up-rise and popularity of MMA going mainstream, the traditional aspects of Martial Arts is slowly losing its value.

Discipline, honor, respect, integrity and sportsmanship are just some of characteristics that Geoff would like to preserve when promoting the  Art of Combat. From Muay Thai to Boxing, he wants to be able to maintain the sports traditions.

Geoff A
About 2

The Start

On September 29, 2017 the first event for Triumphant Combat Sports took place at the Graton Resort and Casino in Rohnert Park, California.

Triumphant 1 featured some of the best Muay Thai action in North America. The event was headlined by a WMC Intercontinental middleweight title fight between UFC veteran Anthony Njokuani and the United Kingdom’s Liam Nolan.

With high quality production and talent, Triumphant Combat Sports let the world know that it was here to stay. The promotion is gaining a buzz in the Muay Thai world as it presents Triumphant 2 on Friday December 15th at the Alameda County fairgrounds in Pleasanton, California.